About CRIC

The Collaboration for Research in Intensive Care (CRIC) is a not-for-profit, international research network with the aim of providing high-quality research in order to improve intensive care patient treatment and outcome.

CRIC is a result of a non-binding partnership formed between researchers within clinical trials, systematic reviews, biostatistics and health related socio-economic analyses. The partnership is built on trust and a shared realization that research is best done through cooperation.

CRIC is supported by a large public foundation grant from the Innovation Fund Denmark.

The CRIC Organisation

Currently CRIC has 133 members in 21 countries. CRIC members are the basis of the collaboration. The different research sites enables efficient investigator-initiated research. The CRIC members are representing more than 50 sites based all over Europe.

CRIC is lead by a Steering Committee, which any member can volunteer to be part of. CRIC Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) meets twice a year to discuss current and new research projects. The SSC has the overall responsibility for decisions regarding choice of research projects.

CRIC Organising Committee is based at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, and Aalborg University Hospital. Responsibilities includes communication and organisation of annual meetings.

Our research

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