Modified: January 2, 2017 at 7:07 pm

Subscribe to News

You can subscribe to CRIC news either by using our RSS News feed (see guide below) or by our subscribe feature. You will find them in the lower right side at our frontpage.

Please notice that the browser Chrome do not default support RSS News Feeds, instead use Firefox or Explorer browsers, find the webpage and follow the procedure described below.

Please follow the “News feed” guide below to make sure you will be notified when CRIC has news for you

  1. Go to CRIC’s homepage

2. Click the icon for News Feed (not the text) at the lower right side of the frontpage.

3. At the drop down list you can chose where you would like the notification to be shown (individual lists will be shown). Example: You may choose to have your e-mail notification in Microsoft Outlook. Then press “Subscribe Now”.

5. In this example you will receive an e-mail in your Outlook when CRIC has added new information to the homepage.