CRIC office closed Thursday March 26th, 2015

20090609 Rigshospitalet.

The CRIC office will be closed on Thursday March 26, 2015 as we are attending the Annual Meeting by Innovation Fund Denmark in Odense.

We will have a small both at the mini-exhibition from around 2.30 pm-5 pm in the Biotec, Medico and Health area. The aim is to present CRIC and its partners, our scientific programs, networking, as well as to pass on any advice –  or experience we may have from the application procedure – to new potential clinical grant applicants.

Please klick on the link below  to see the program of the day:

Innovation Fund Denmark

Innovation Fund Denmark                                  – Annual Meeting March 26th 2015

Innovation Fund Denmark – from whom CRIC has received a +36 mill. Dkr. grant for the year 2015-2020 – has their Annual meeting Thursday, March 26, 2015.

CRIC will take active part in the program and represent clinical projects in general and CRIC’s program in specific.  Come and visit us at our booth.

Invitation to visit and program from Innovation Fund Denmark (in Danish):


CRIC Steering Committee and Stakeholder meeting April 20, 2015


Event (time): All Stakeholder meeting (11am-1pm) and Steering Committee meeting (1-3pm).

Date and place: CRIC KICK OFF Monday April 20th, 2015 at Copenhagen Trial Unit’s facilities, Tagensvej 22, Copenhagen.

Agenda: Coming soon and expect the following themes to be discussed at either the All Stakeholder- or Steering Committee meeting…..

  • Steering Committee election of chair, vice-chair, secretary…..
  • Terms of Reference
  • Introduction to account charts for the Innovation Fund Denmark
  • Intro to CRIC office
  • Intro to OpenClinica (E-CRF)
  • Intro to website (CRIC.NU)
  • Input from partners
  • …..

We recommend all Steering Committee members to join both meetings. Stakeholders are welcome to join the All Stakeholders meeting at 11am-1pm.

CRIC Office