AID-ICU Cohort study

Documents for the AID-ICU Cohort Study

1. Protocol (in English)

1.a. Statistical analysis protocol

2. Approvals and correspondence

2.a. Danish Patient Safety Authority/Styrelsen for patientsikkerhed (in Danish)

2.b. The Danish Data Protection Agency/Datatilsynet (in Danish)

2.c. Danish AID-ICU Site List (in Danish)

3. Informed consent

3.a. Patients

3.b. Guardian

3.c. Relatives

4. Patient information (in English) (not required in DK)

5. Statistical analysis plan (to be released soon)

6. E-CRF

6.a. Manual for AID-ICU click here

6.b. Screening Form (1)

6.c. General patient information(2)

6.d. SAPS II Form(3)

6.e. Day Form(4)

6.f. Discharge Form(5)

6.g. Withdrawal Form(6)

6.h. Follow-up 90 Days Form(7)

7. Data entry (Click here)

7.a. How to log in/tutorial

8. Data extraction from the AID-ICU cohort study

8.a. How to data extract tutorial

9. Appendix

9.a Additional analysis – RBANS

9.b Additional analysis – Restraint