CLASSIC For Patients

The CLASSIC trial compared two approaches to intravenous fluid treatment for septic shock; a restrictive approach (less fluid) and standard practice (more fluid).

Septic shock is the body’s life-threatening response to infection, characterized by failure of the circulation and vital organs. Intravenous fluid (fluid in a drip) given to improve the circulation is an important part of the treatment, but there is sparse knowledge about the optimal volume.


  • We assessed the effects of a restrictive vs standard approach to intravenous fluids on mortality, serious adverse events, serious adverse reactions, days alive without life support, and days alive and out of hospital after 90 days, and mortality or health-related quality of life and cognitive function after 1 year.
  • The results showed similar effects of the two approaches.


Trial Sponsor

Professor, MD, Anders Perner
University Hospital Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet

Overview of Recruitment