COVID STEROID 2 for Patients

The COVID STEROID 2 trial assessed the effects of a higher (12 mg) compared to (6 mg) lower dose of dexamethasone for patients with COVID-19 and severe oxygen deficiency.


  • We assessed the effects of a higher dose of dexamethasone on the number of days alive without life support, the number of days alive and out of hospital, mortality, or serious adverse reactions after 90 days and mortality or health-related quality of life after 180 days.
  • The results demonstrated possible benefit from the higher dose of dexamethasone.

The results have provided important knowledge regarding corticosteroid treatment for COVID-19 patients and will benefit future COVID-19 patients. The main results have been published in the two separate publications listed below.


Trial Sponsor

Professor, MD, Anders Perner
University Hospital Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet

Overview of Recruitment