The Empirical Meropenem vs Piperacillin/Tazobactam for Adult Patients with Sepsis (EMPRESS) trial is an upcoming investigator-initiated, international, parallel-group, randomised, open-label, adaptive clinical trial with an integrated feasibility phase. EMPRESS will assess the effects of empirical meropenem versus piperacillin/tazobactam on mortality and other patient-important outcomes in critically ill adults with sepsis.

The EMPRESS trial is conducted by the Collaboration for Research is Intensive Care (CRIC) and will use the logistic framework and methods developed as part of the Intensive Care Platform Trial (INCEPT)  programme.

The EMPRESS trial is specifically funded and supported by grants from the Independent Research Fund Denmark, the Research Council at Rigshospitalet, the Research Fund for Health Research of the Capital Region of Denmark, the Beckett Foundation, Læge Inger Goldmanns Fond, and Grosserer Jakob Ehrenreich og Hustru Grete Ehrenreichs Fond.

The INCEPT research programme is funded by grants from Sygeforsikringen “danmark” and the Novo Nordisk Foundation, and supported by Grosserer Jakob Ehrenreich og Hustru Grete Ehrenreichs Fond, Dagmar Marshalls Fond, and Savværksejer Jeppe Juhl og hustru Ovita Juhls Mindelegat.

For questions regarding EMPRESS, contact us at empress@cric.nu or +45 3545 0606.

The approved protocol for the EMPRESS trial can be found here.