HOT-ICU frontpage eligibility and screen


For the HOT-ICU trial

Inclusion criteria

Ѵ  Acute admission to the ICU, and

Ѵ  Aged 18 years or above, and

Ѵ  One of the following:

  • Respiratory support in a closed system with an FiO2 ≥ 0.50

(Closed systems: invasive mechanical ventilation, non-invasive ventilation or CPAP)

  • Oxygen supplementation in an open system with an oxygen flow ≥ 10 litres pr. minute


Ѵ  Oxygenation supplementation in the ICU expected to last ≥24 hours. When in doubt of this forecast the patient should be enrolled

Ѵ  Intra-arterial catheter in place




If the patient fulfils all inclusion criteria within 12 hours from ICU admission, please screen the patient