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The research project, CLASSIC trial

– compares two approaches to fluid treatment of blood poisoning shock; a restrictive approach (less fluid) compared to an approach that reflects common practice (more fluid).

Blood poisoning shock (septic shock) is characterized by failure of the circulation and vital organs. Intravenous fluid treatment (fluid given in a drip) to improve the circulation is a frequent treatment in blood poisoning shock, but there is sparse knowledge about the optimal amount of fluid.

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Time plan:

The trial was initiated November 2018 and is expected to be completed November 2020. The final results are expected to be finished in spring 2021. There is a 1-year follow-up for all participants. You will be interviewed by phone where we will ask you about your quality of life and cognitive function. The results of the 1-year follow-up are expected completed in the summer 2021.


Trial sponsor:

Professor, MD, Anders Perner from University Hospital Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet