Clinical Trials

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Access to SUP-ICU trial documents including Site Master File, Instructions, Pocket cards, Educational materials, ........

AID-ICU Cohorte Study and Trial

Agents Intervening against Delirium in Intensive Care Unit (AID-ICU) . Click on the icon and get access to protocol and other trial documents.


Access to HOT-ICU "Screening, randomization and data entry" and "Trial documents" including Site Master File, Instructions, Pocket cards, Educational materials, .......(opening Q2 2017).
HOT-ICU is set up to test oxygen levels for ICU patients with acute hypoxic respiratory failure.

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 Centre for Research in Intensive Care

A Danish Centre for Research in Intensive Care (CRIC) providing services and support for various research areas all related to intensive care patient. We collaborate with new, established, national or international intensive care research partners who wants to provide high quality research to improve patient care, intervention and treatment at intensive care unit.webword-logo,underlinje

CRIC is at present a partnership between Danish researchers within clinical trials, systematic reviews, biostatistics and health related socio-economic analyses, all from Danish institutions funded by a public fund – innovationsfonden_logo_a_rgb_lilleInnovation Fund Denmark.

All partners in CRIC are open for new collaborations across borders and profession when related to research within intensive care, and please feel free to contact CRIC for such collaboration requests.

CRIC is working for:

  • transparency in research processes
  • improved public access to data and results
  • best-practice approach
  • standardized processes